All the benefits of a stranded implant but the accuracy and flexibility of a real-time procedure in a time efficient manner

4D Brachytherapy is a one stage realtime implant technique using a combination of stranded seeds around the periphery of the prostate gland and loose seeds within the centre. From a simple clinic based ultrasound scan, a web based nomogram allows the calculation of the number of stranded and loose seeds required for the procedure.
Using this novel combination technique the procedure can normally be performed within 45 minutes. Improved dosimetry and clinical outcomes together with reduced side effects have been demonstrated over traditional two stage approaches.

This website has been developed to aid clinicians to understand and learn the technique of 4D Brachytherapy, perhaps the ultimate way to perform a brachytherapy implant.

This website is designed for medical professionals to teach them the benefits of 4D Brachytherapy. Patients requiring information on clinical services should visit our Patient Information website

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